Sports and Wheelchairs

You may have been bound to a wheelchair but that does not mean that you can not enjoy taking part in the sport of your choice. Today more people are playing wheelchair sports and even some turning professional. There are many wheelchair associations that you can talk to where you can find more information on your local center or club. Here are a few examples of opportunities that you can take up.

Wheelchair basketball is one of the most popular sports available to disabled people, originally started in 1956 it has grown to one of the biggest sports for wheelchairs and now in the USA alone it has 180 teams and growing. Different versions of the sport have grown and they have modified the rules, even to the point of lowering the basket to make it easier.

One of the musts for wheelchair basketball is having a lightweight wheelchair, due to the maneuverability which is required during the game. Several manufactures are in the market such as the Supersport by TRS and come in different sizes and were designed especially for sports.

Another sport called Boccia has been upcoming, it can be played outdoors and indoors and all that is required is one large ball and six smaller balls per player. The idea of the game is to land the small balls as near to the big ball as possible. Points are awarded depending on how near you get the big ball.

Quad rugby which is a wheelchair sport that has grown in England, a combination of ice hockey and basketball and was started in 1988, and now in the USA they have 40 teams in the association. The game has two teams of four players each, and handicaps on teams are based on the impairment of the team players with ratings given to each. A maximum of 8 points is allowed per team. The sport aims to move the ball over the line of the court, and you have four times eight-minute quarters.

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Power soccer which as the name sounds requires electric wheelchairs to play. The two teams have two thirty minutes halves to get the ball over the goal line. The team that scores the most will win the game.

So you can see that having a wheelchair does not mean you can not enjoy sports or sporting activities. Based on the sport of your choice you will find many associations that you can contact to start your passions again for the sporting life.

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