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Camping is one of the finest ways to truly experience the joys of nature. Taking a walk in the woods can be quite enjoyable. But living in the woods for a few days is quite different. The sights and sounds in the morning are so very different than the sights and sounds at night. I started my camping experiences over 45 years ago in Wisconsin. I was first captivated by Colorado 35 years ago. We eventually moved there to discover more of its beauty regularly. But I found that after camping all around this country that there is beauty to be discovered everywhere. It is there from the beaches of Florida to the deserts of Arizona. Camping needs can be so different in all these areas. That is why we started Sports and Camping Online to help supply these needs and to help others enjoy the nature experience that camping provides.

At Sports and Camping Online, we treat our customers the way we would expect to be treated. We want our customers to be completely satisfied. Not only satisfied with the product but more importantly, with the service they received. We strive to offer outdoor gear for multiple activities with quality and value at Sport and Camping Online. We offer all of this at affordable prices.
We offer products from Coleman, Maglite, Kershaw Knives, Zippo, Gerber, and more. We search for the best products at competitive prices for our customers. We are constantly looking to add new products to our online store that will add value to your experience. Be assured that your purchase from Sports and Camping Online is backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction.
Please look around our site and compare our prices. Let us know if you have any questions or if you do not see exactly what you’re looking for. Please enjoy yourself and thank you for visiting us here at Sports and Camping Online.

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I have been enjoying camping and the outdoors for 45 years. I have camped from Florida to Washington and from Arizona to Wisconsin and across the Rocky Mountain states. I grew up in a camping family in Wisconsin. We learned to camp and adapt to very rustic and primitive conditions. In doing so, I learned a lot about the outdoors and camping over the years. I have passed that along to my family. That is what led us to move to Colorado, the sportsman’s paradise. We love the outdoors and hope that we can enhance your outdoor adventures where you live through our line of products.


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