GPS Watches For Fitness and Outdoors

GPS watches are specialist tools that have burst onto the market on the crest of the wave of popularity of consumer GPS devices over the last five or ten years. Do you like to exercise off the beaten track and would like to keep track of your travelled routes and other details of your adventures as well as the times and statistics of your workouts? You would not be alone in the desire for an outdoor tracking tool that can track and store this sort of information.

Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes have turned to a specialist tool that can accommodate these needs and have started utilizing a GPS watch for their workouts and outdoor adventures. By simply setting up some features on the watch, you can track a ton of workout information in terms of both your times and workout segment as well as speed, pace, distance travelled and even the saving of your routes in three dimensions.

What is a GPS watch?

A GPS watch utilizes GPS technology to lock onto at least four of the 12 GPS satellites thereby obtaining the ability to keep track of changes in your position to determine information such as speed and distance travelled over time. In the leading GPS watches, the GPS receiver is mounted in the wristwatch itself making it convenient to just pick up and wear.

Why Use a GPS Watch?

A GPS watch offers what many athletes have been seeking for a long time, namely, the ability to track your speed in real-time, record route information including horizontal distance travelled and changes in elevation over the course of a run. Most modern GPS watches offer a lot of great sports features too, such as the ability to link up to a heart rate monitor chest strap, allowing you to tie in heart rate monitor features such as heart rate zones and alerts with the finest features of GPS.

The advantages are tremendous and as a result, many athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and people who wish to track their health and fitness in much finer detail are turning to these highly functional wristwatches. Not only is a GPS watch convenient in that it can fit your wrist with ease, but has numerous features that can be tweaked to just about any fitness or performance goal.

What Products Are Available?

There are currently GPS watches offered by Garmin, Timex, Polar, Suunto, GlobalSat and others. A significant difference between GPS watches offered by watchmakers is that some require you to attach an external GPS device to your body which then communicates wirelessly to the wristwatch (much like a wireless heart rate monitor strap), whereas others like the Garmin Forerunner mount the GPS antenna in the wristwatch itself and thus offer you the ease and convenience of just picking up the watch and heading out the door, albeit in a slightly bulkier case.

Best hiking and outdoor watches for adventurers

The benefits of a GPS watch is considerable, whether you want to time your speed and distance or keep track of your running routes or wish to keep track of your precise location on outdoor adventures. GPS opens up a whole new world of opportunity for navigation as well as tracking and monitoring your fitness statistics allowing you to set achievable goals.

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